Friday, November 28, 2014

November Update

November was a crazy, busy month.  I don't think there was one night where we were at home.  Elia's soccer was in full swing.  We played a tournament in Collierville and it was pretty exciting.

Cheering the girls on with the other soccer moms.

This is how Ava cheers them on!

The girls continued to win every game during the weekend.  We were so excited!  Then we made it to the finals!

The game ended in a tie which meant a kick off.

We won the championship!!!

We were so excited!!!!

These girls played hard!

We had to get a picture of the girls with all the siblings.

Then with all the moms.

And with the dads.

It was a fun and exciting weekend!

Then we had more soccer games the next couple of weeks.

Along with a 3v3 tournament in Arlington.

This was one night after a soccer game.  Both girls were sitting and watching TV.  I can't believe how grown they are now!

We put up our Christmas tree!  Kevin makes us save every Christmas ornament box.  It makes for a long time putting up and taking down the tree each year.

We went to Christopher's wedding.

And Ava turned 10!  Double digits!

Carly spent the night for Ava's birthday.  They had so much fun!!!!  I don't think I have ever heard so many giggles in one night!

AES had their silent auction.  Some of the 2nd grade teachers went and we had a blast!

Of course, more soccer!

Then we played "Mud Ball" in the rain.  It was the last game of the weekend tournament.  It was pouring down rain and cold.  The girls were playing in puddles of mud.  It sure made for some fun memories!

Ava loves to bake so she baked this blueberry/strawberry pie.

She is such a nut!  We went to the mall so the girls could see what they want for Christmas.  This is Ava!

Of course, November also brings Thanksgiving.  Nana and I were taking selfies and being silly ourselves.

We all know you can't have November without Black Friday.  The team set out at 4:30 Thanksgiving afternoon.  We went to Walmart and the mall.  We got home about 11:30pm.  I am sad to say that Black Friday shopping is not what it used to be so we have decided to retire.  Here is a look at our last year of shopping:

All good things must come to an end!  Happy Thanksgiving!