Sunday, October 28, 2012

3v3 Soccer Tournament

WOW!  Today was a crazy, busy day for us.  We had to be at the soccer fields at 8:30 am this morning.  Then the games started at 9:00 am.  We bounced back and forth between fields about every 30 minutes until 4:00 today so we could watch both girls play in the 3v3 soccer tournament.  It was really a lot of fun to watch these games.  They are face paced, and there is not a goalie so it makes the action fun and fast!

Ava plays on a rec team so one of the moms made these very cute pink and zebra shirts for the girls today!

Luckily, the shirts matched my ear warmer so Ava could coordinate while on the field!  HA!

It was so cold out there all day, and the wind certainly did not help!  Here is Elia watching her sister from the sidelines:

And pretty soon, this was Elia:

Here are some action shots from one of Ava's games.  (Well, as action as they come with her.)

Ava does have an aggressive side at times on the soccer field.  She tends to push and shove.  I can't believe she does not get fouls called on her.

Then there's the silly side of Ava who dances on the sidelines.

There is also the helper side of Ava who helped daddy at the grill.  (Of course, I am thinking there was an ulterior motive there. HA!)

Ava's team placed 3rd in their division.  They were so excited!

Elia plays competitive soccer, and her team of girls were split into several smaller teams for the tournament.  Elia's team today consisted of Sydney, Jacey, Sarah, and Elia.

Here they are holding up the number of goals they scored in the game they had just played.

And action shots from Elia's games:

Girls on Elia's team giving high fives for winning their game.

This is what Ava does on the sidelines watching Elia's games.  Nothing goes better with soccer than Oreo cookies.  HA!

After 9 games of soccer over 7 hours in 1 day, it is pretty safe to say we are all going to sleep very good tonight!!!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Elia's Party

It is hard to believe my baby is about to be DOUBLE DIGITS!!  Her 10th birthday is actually October 17 but we decided to have her party over fall break.  We did a GLOW party at Pump It Up which was a lot of fun.  Here are Elia and her friends watching the video about the rules of the place:

Here is the gang ready and waiting to attack the slides:

And some action shots of all the girls playing:

This is a picture of Elia and her good friend Jacey.  They are on the same competitive soccer team, and they are lucky enough to be in the same class.  I am so thankful that Elia has made sweet friends like Jacey!

Here is Elia with some school friends and soccer friends:

LOVE this picture of Grammy, Papa, Jason, and Holli!  (I am sure they will love that I posted this on my blog!)  Gotta love Papa with the glow necklace around his head.  (and he wonders why Elia gets embarrassed around him these days.)

And here is the gang again all worn out after playing:

Elia had to have a soccer cookie cake!  It was really good!  It was a double layer cake with icing in between, and we got it at Sams for only $15!  Highly recommend it!

Elia does not like to have the attention on her.  She was so shy when we made her stand up and we all sang to her.

Elia got a lot of nice things from her friends!

The BIG surprise of the night came at the end of the party after she finished opening her presents.  Ava has a birthday in November so we surprised both girls with tickets to the Justin Bieber concert!  The girls saw a cardboard cut out of Bieber that they had been wanting.  At first, when we brought him out, Ava was excited just over the cardboard cut out.  Then they read the sign we put on it that said they are coming to his concert!  It was SO fun to see their reactions!  Ava was going nuts and starting carrying Justin around while she kissed it!  Elia was excited too but needed to keep her composure in front of all her friends so she still looked "cool" about going to Justin Bieber.


I cannot wait for November 1 to take the girls to their first concert.  I think I may be just as excited as them!  HA!

Fall Break

This has been a rather slow and boring fall break which makes it perfect!  My plans were to do absolutely nothing!  We stay so busy with soccer and school so this has been a much needed break.  We did take the girls shopping for Halloween costumes.  Ava chose a vampire costume (which really doesn't look much like one) and Elia chose a gorilla mask????  Elia really hates Halloween and I am not quite sure why a gorilla but oh well.  Here are some pictures of when we shopped:

Of course, Carol and I had to get our nails done:  (I chose a burnt orange color for fall.)

Ava has decided she wants an electric guitar for Christmas.  I do think she is going to be my musical child!

Miley got a much needed bath!

I love this picture of Miley.  It is almost hard to tell which is the front and which is the back.

Of course, no fall break is complete without cleaning things out.  I managed to clean out both girls' rooms and closets, the playroom, and the playroom closet.  The worst room in the house was Ava's room!  Here is the work in progress:

And the cleaned out after:

Here is her cleaned out closet:  (I ended up with 6 bags to take to goodwill from her room alone.)

The kids have enjoyed playing outside over fall break.  I think they have played in the cove every day of fall break.  Our cove tends to be the gathering place for all the neighborhood kids and football games.

Our last real day of fall break brought a trip to the dentist for me.  I am one of those people with a phobia of the dentist.  They always find something wrong so I have managed to avoid the dentist for almost 3 years now.  This was not a good idea, and I highly recommend going to your cleanings every 6 months.  I had to have 2 very painful cavities filled.  Then I go back in a few weeks for a crown, followed my 2 more fillings.  A good lesson learned about seeing your dentist on a regular basis.  Here is a picture of me with my mouth all numb!  LOL!

Fall break also brought Elia's birthday party and soccer, of course.  I will blog about those in a separate post.  It's hard to believe fall break is almost over and we are starting our 2nd nine weeks of school!  Christmas break will be here before we know it!