Sunday, June 29, 2014

Summer- Week 5

This week started off with KK coming down with Allie and Caleb for a visit!

The kids got a few minutes of swim time in before the rain hit.

We decided to take a trip to Jerry's Snowcones!  The rain stopped just in time.

On Tuesday we decided to relax and take it easy.  It rained most of the day so it was a good day to chill.

On Wednesday, we took advantage of the nice weather.  Carol and I spent most of the day laying out in the pool.  Miley even took a dip in the pool.

Poor thing was worn out after her swim!

The kids spent most of the day playing with cardboard boxes.  HA!

The kids did come out and swim for a while.

Then we had to make another trip to Jerry's.

On Thursday, Carol and I loaded up the van and took the kids to Union City to the Discovery Park of America.

We all had fun going down the big slide.

Then we learned how people lived in the "olden days".

Then the kids got to see a one room schoolhouse.

I was taking a picture of the "Rules of Conduct for Teachers".  Check out number 11 that says "Your dresses should not be any shorter than 2 inches above the ankle."

Carol thought it was ironic because of the skirt I was wearing so she took a picture of me taking a picture of the Rules of Conduct.  HA!

Then we got to tour an old train.

There was a machine that showed your heat.  Carol's was too funny because she and Dalton had cold noses, and it showed up blue on the screen.  This was too funny to us for some reason.

Here are some more pictures of more fun we had that day.

Elia spent the night with Bailey Thursday night, and they went to the big water slide on Friday.  I took Ava to Frontier Western Supply in Olive Branch to check out their new boutique clothes.  Ava had fun trying on boots and hats.

That night the kids played soccer in the yard.

And Elia had fun playing with Miley!

Cami spent the night Friday night.

We went to the Arlington fireworks on Saturday night.  Elia got to hang out with her friends for about 5 minutes before the rain came.

Then it started to sprinkle.

(And NO I did not eat 3 funnel cakes!  HA!)

Then these clouds started to form.

And the bottom dropped out.  We all loaded up in the car to wait it out.

We watched Frozen and ate pizza.

The storm never did blow over.  It rained and rained and rained.  They finally cancelled the fireworks and moved them to Monday night!  We drove home, and Cami and Ava felt so bad for Kevin.  He had worked all day trying to make things perfect.  They got paper and crayons and drew some fireworks for Kevin.

On Sunday we went to church and took a Sunday afternoon nap to gear up for week 6 of summer!  Bring it on!