Sunday, April 21, 2013


We love soccer at our house!  With Ava on a rec team and Elia playing competitive soccer, we pretty much live and breath the sport all week.  Ava likes to hang with her friends during Elia's games.  Gotta love technology!

Ava enjoyed the rain when it poured on us the other night for about 5 minutes!

This is one of my favorite soccer pictures of Elia being coached on the sidelines.

This weekend we went to a soccer tournament in Brentwood, Tennessee.  Ava enjoyed this huge bag of popcorn.  (Ok, so I enjoyed it too!  It was so good!)

We saw this adorable maltese puppy, and we had to get a picture of Ava with her.  She reminded us so much of Miley when she was a puppy.

We had fun eating lunch with friends.

The girls played some great soccer!

The dads "manned" the sidelines.

We are so lucky that Elia plays with such a great group of girls!!!!


Picnics and Parties

Our church, Arlington Faith Baptist, just celebrated our 1st anniversary of being our own church.  We had a fun picnic at Buckhead Park.  There was food, friends, music, and a kickball game.  Happy Birthday Arlington Faith Baptist!

On April 13, my grandmother turned 94!  We celebrated with a birthday party at Mezcal.  Nana was so cute in her bib.  She had fun looking at all her presents and cards.  Happy Birthday Nana!

Easter 2013

This was a very bittersweet Easter for us.  Elia admitted that she didn't believe in the Easter bunny anymore.  I know she is 10 and shouldn't really believe anymore but it was still a sad day.  Of course, the Easter bunny still came to the house.

This picture of Miley cracks me up.  She looks like she got woken up too early this morning.

After we ate lots of chocolate for breakfast, it was time to get ready for church and take Easter pictures.

After church we went to Jason and Holli's for lunch.  I made these chocolate covered strawberries I saw on Pinterest.  They were supposed to look like carrots, but they didn't look the same as the ones on Pinterest.

After lunch it was time for the egg hunt.

Thankfully Elia still believed in a good egg hunt!

A Random Update

I have not had time to blog in a while so I thought I would catch up today.  This blog entry has a lot of randomness.  Here is Ava playing her guitar:

Miley sleeping with Elia:

Ava playing with Elia's hair:

A welcome home dinner we had for Kevin when he got back from Gatlinburg:

Miley getting a new present for her 4th birthday:

Ava in her 2nd grade music program: