Sunday, August 11, 2013

School has Started!

Now that school has started, things in the Carter house have changed.  It is back to early bedtimes, homework, laying out clothes, waking up early, and being back on a schedule.  We already miss summer, but it is nice being in a routine.  Here is a little of what has gone on since the beginning of August.  

Every time we go to Mezcal (which is about once a week) the girls play the crane machine.  I don't know what it is about that game but they cannot lose!!!!  They are the only two kids I know who can win that game!

The week of inservice started off with a lot of fun thanks to our administration!  They make coming back to work a little more fun!

Yes, that is Mr. Booker, Mrs. Gore, and Mrs. Jones!  HA!!!

Our school also had an ice cream social so parents and kids could find out their teacher for the year.  There were tons of people there!

Carol and I decided to have a little cupcake "back to school" celebration in the cove!

Elia's soccer team had their beginning of the season jamboree!

I took Ava to get her nails done before school started.  She did NOT like sitting in the "baby princess" chair, but she did fall in love with getting her nails done.  A girl after my own heart for sure!

Then it was the first day of school!  I take the same picture of my girls on the first day of school every year.

Ava started 3rd grade this year.

Elia started 5th grade.  I think she thinks she is getting too old for the stop sign picture.

Elia has Mrs. Starnes and Mrs. Smith.

Ava has Mrs. Barbee!

Since we have only been in school for one week, we have not had much homework.  The kids have still had time to play outside and have fun.  They had fun playing in the sprinkler.

Ava has taken up a new sport: golf!  She loves it and can actually hit the ball pretty good!

Of course, we can't have a blog post without our furry child, Miley!

Summer-Week 9

So I am a little behind updating my blog.  This blog is about the last week of summer.  Of course, since summer ended and school started I have fallen off the planet.  LOL!  Anyway, here is a look back at our last week of fun!

Here are a few pictures of our sweet Miley!

We spent the last week of summer swimming of course!

We even swam in the rain!

Of course, we had to squeeze in one last trip to Jerry's snowcones.

Kevin and I took the girls to the Germantown Farmer's Market.  We got to see Kevin's bees and Eric Dodd sang.

The last day of summer we took the kids to Mud Island.  First we ate lunch at Kooky Knucks.  Our favorite part was the Smore's dessert!

Then it was on to Mud Island for more fun!  We rode the monorail over.

And the kids played in the riverwalk.  Cami and Ava loved that we let them get soaked.

Carol and I had to get our nails done one last time before school started.

Kevin and I celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary.  We went to dinner at Abuelo's and saw Grown Ups 2.  I am a lucky girl to have such a wonderful husband!!!

It has been a fast but very fun summer!!!!  Only 200 more days until we can start the fun all over again!