Friday, March 15, 2013

Spring Break Part 2

We decided we had been so busy the first part of our spring break that we did not want to go anywhere for the 2nd part of the break.  We managed to stay around the house on Thursday but not on Friday.  Here's a look at the past two days of our break!

This was the day that Kevin finished the kids' fort.  

It took all day, but they finally got the roof on it.

And they added their sign with their club name: Clubhouse Arlington
They all wrote their name on the sign.

Then they came up with club rules and consequences.

As you can see, the last 2 pictures were taken as it was getting dark outside.  It took Kevin all day to build this thing.
This clubhouse is seriously going to be a ton of fun for all the kids in the cove!

This day was absolutely gorgeous!  It truly felt like a summer day, and we got to bust out the flipflops!
We started our last day of spring break at Joe's Crab Shack.  We figured the sand on the playground was as close as we were going to get to the beach this week.

After lunch we met my mom and several other Arlington friends at the Arlington playground where they were making an ad to promote a municipal school district.  They asked my mom to speak on camera since she has such a strong educational background and a vested interest in the whole thing.

I love this picture of Hannah and Ava.  Jason was throwing the frisbee behind them, and I took the picture just as it was behind Hannah's head.  It looks like a halo over her head.

Before we left the park, I found the brick we donated to help build the Playground of Dreams.

Then we took all the kids to Jerry's Snow Cones.

We have been there several times, but I have never seen the line as long as it was today.  It literally wrapped around and around.

Cami hung out with Jason.

Ava just hung out.

And after 50 minutes of waiting, we finally made it to the front of the line.  Elia was a little excited.

Here are three happy girls after we placed our order, and we were waiting on them to make our snow cones.

Not so sure I would say the snow cones were worth the 50 minute wait, but at least we had a pretty day to stand in line with good friends.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spring Break Part 1

It is only Wednesday of spring break, and we have been so busy!  We have also had so much fun!  We started the week off with Ava's room make over (see previous blog post).  Here is a run down of the rest of our week so far:

Carol and I took the 4 kids to the Arlington park.  The weather was beautiful so it was so good to be outside.  Carol and I took advantage of the time to get in some exercise.  We walked around the walking path by the park.  The kids had a blast!

This picture of Ava kind of flips me out.  Check out her double jointed arm.

A day at the park is not complete without a trip to Yogurt Mountain.

We went to early church because Elia had a birthday party at the skating rink.  Ava and I decided to take a walk before the rain came in.  Ava rode her ripstick all the way around the block, and Miley came along for some much needed exercise.

Kevin went to school to build some beehives.  He has decided to pick up the hobby of being a beekeeper.  I have to say that my Pawpaw Reed sure would have loved Kevin.  Pawpaw was a bee keeper for years, and he loved it.  I always remember the peanut butter and honey sandwiches he used to make for me.

The girls and I went to lunch with Grammy at Mezcal.  Then I took them to Barnes and Noble so they could get a couple of new books.

Kevin, Carol, and I took all the kids to Incredible Pizza.  Ava was super excited because she was finally tall enough to ride the go-karts by herself!

The go-karts were definitely a favorite, but unfortunately the line was so long so they only got to ride it once.

The kids had fun playing video games too.

Ava and Cami were so funny on the bumper cars.  They didn't ride around and bump into other cars like you were supposed to do.  Instead, they hooked their leg on the handle so it spun them around in a constant motion.  I think I would have been sick about 1 minute into it.

A bunch of us went to SkyZone!  We ate a very early lunch due to some confusion about making reservations.

Then we went to jump!

Ava loves to flip upside down!

And do toe touches!

The kids had the most fun playing dodgeball there.

The kids had a ton of fun!

Of course, I am still trying to figure out how I was the one who took a nap when we got home.  HA!

All week
The most fun I think the kids have had this week is building a fort back in the woods behind our cove. To be honest, I think Kevin is the one who is having the most fun with this.  He brought a lot of wood home from his dad's workshop so he could help the kids build it.

The kids have even helped him with the project.

I came out to check it out, but didn't lend a hand.  (Construction is not my thing.)

They have made a lot of progress on their fort this week.  They still have a little ways to go.  Kevin is getting some kind of scrap wood from his work that they are going to use for the roof.  Here is a look at the fort as of today:

It looks like we are a little more than halfway through our spring break week.  I am not sure what else we are planning to do this week but I do know we are chilling out tomorrow.  I am sure there will be some fort building and playing in the cove, but we are not venturing out of the neighborhood.  Stay tuned for part 2!