Thursday, May 30, 2013

Summer-Week 1

Yeah for week 1 of summer!  Here is a look at our first week of freedom!!!

Ava and Cami had fun playing in the sprinkler!

We cooked burgers (veggie burger for me) and made smores in the cove!

Carol and I got our nails done!  Can you guess who is who?

 Miley got a really bad grooming from me.  She was so hot so I had to cut some of her fur before her real grooming appointment next week.  She may not look so great, but I am sure she feels better!

The girls got new bikes!

The kids played in the cove, of course.  If you look close you can see a big kid out there playing ball.

 You can't celebrate the first week of summer without a trip to Yogurt Mountain.  

 I got 3 inches cut off my hair!

 And of course, we went to the pool.  It is so neat to see Ava, Aubrey, and Macy playing together in the pool.  Aubrey and Macy's moms and I played together when we were about the same age.

 Week 1 was definitely a ton of fun!  We are looking forward to more fun coming up!!!!
We love our summers!!!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

End of Soccer Season

Ava's last game and end of season celebration were a couple of weeks ago.  She played great in her last game, and her team won!  

We ran into Elia's wonderful 4th grade teacher while we were at the game.  We will sure miss Mrs. Henrikson next year!

After Ava's game we found a picnic table where the girls got their trophies and ate cookie cake.  

A big thank you to Ava's two coaches for another great season!

A group picture of all the girls!

Elia also finished up her season of competitive soccer.  She plays with a great group of girls!  Their end of the year party was at the Daughertry's house.  The girls had so much fun!  I also want to thank Elia's two coaches, Coach Sean and Coach John, for a great year!

Zoom Through the Zoo

I just ran my 2nd race, only this one was 4 miles instead of 3.  I could definitely feel every step of that extra mile.  I ended up running the 4 miles in 45 minutes which was a pace of about 11:27 per mile.  The fun thing about this race was that Elia ran it with me.  The kid has never done any training whatsoever, but she blew it away.  I think all of her soccer practices and games have her in the best shape ever!

Here we are before we left the house.

Jason also ran the race with us.

Several from my running group were there!

Jason and Elia stayed with me the entire way, although they both could have run on and finished way ahead of me.  Elia kept looking at me asking, "Momma, why are you breathing so hard?"  Jason kept saying, "Come on Jenny, keep running!"  As much as it was nice to have them with me, I would have been thrilled if the two of them would have run on.  LOL!
Go Elia Go!

Carol, Cami, and Ava came with us to cheer us on.  

Here is Elia crossing the finish line!  (You will not see my picture crossing the finish line- you will have to read my previous blog to know why.)

Here is Elia after the race.  She doesn't even look tired.  Once again, you will not see my post race photo.  LOL!

Bring on the St. Jude half marathon!!!!

End of Year Awards

It is hard to believe that we have finished yet another school year.  Ava just finished 2nd grade, and Elia completed 4th.  

Ava's program started with a few songs about America.  

Ava and her friend, Andrew.

Ava received the following awards this year: Certificate of Completion, Teacher Honor Roll all year, Citizenship all year, and Nutrition council.

After the 2nd grade program, the kids got to sign yearbooks and have an ice cream party.  Here is a picture of my sweet class enjoying their ice cream:

Then it was time for the 4th grade awards program.  It is pretty neat because I also get to see my nephew get his awards since he is in the same grade as Elia.

Elia's awards for 4th grade include: Certificate of Completion, Teacher Honor Roll all year, Citizenship all year, and Perfect Attendance.  She worked so hard to be at school every day, all day.

I am SO proud of my girls and all their hard work!