Friday, March 14, 2014

March 2014

March started off with Dr. Seuss week at school.  We had to decorate our doors with a Dr. Seuss theme so my wonderful room mom sent in letters for my door.  I put them up and thought she had lost her mind because this is what it spelled.  I texted her a picture of her wonderful spelling only to discover two letters need to be switched around to say "Fox in Socks".  We have laughed and laughed about this.  I should have won the contest for the most inventive spelling!

Miley and I took a selfie!

The girls at another soccer tournament!

Ava watching Elia play soccer.

We got word an ice storm was coming our way and guessed we would not have school the next day.  The girls made this fun fort in the playroom!

Then the ice came!  Miley was not too sure about it all.  She did end up running down the street.  I ended up having to chase her down the icy street.  It was quite a sight!

We had SO much fun sledding!  Carol's kids finally got to use the sleds Santa brought 2 years ago.  The curse has finally been lifted!  We ended up with 3 snow days the week before spring break!

Of course, I had to get in on the action!  It was so fun!

Ava chillin with her hot chocolate and warming up from the cold!

Carol and I had to get in the car and drive around to check out all the ice around Arlington.  Of course, we were really scoping out our odds for school the next day!

Miley was worn out from playing in the ice!

By our 2nd day out of school, the kids were already bored so we took a trip to the mall.  Ava loves to do the trampoline!

These two nuts sitting in the massage chair waiting on Elia and Dalton!

That same night we went to Rizzi's to celebrate Jake's 10th birthday!

The first day back to school we had PTA Founder's Day at night.  Ava and Cami helped serve cake and lemonade!

This is the cake I cut.  Lovely huh?

That weekend was the start of spring break!  We are still trying to figure out how we got so lucky to get 3 snow days the week before spring break and beautiful weather the week of spring break!
The girls spent the night with Cami that Friday night.  They came home the next day looking pretty tired.

On Monday of spring break, we went to SkyZone!

Then we ate lunch at McAllister's!

Like mother, like daughter!  We love to sit outside in the cove!

On Tuesday of spring break, the weather was wonderful!  We made a trip to the Arlington playground!

On Wednesday, we had a rest/cleaning day.  I cleaned the house and cleaned out closets while the girls chilled out.  On Thursday, we ran some errands.

On Friday, we went to Shelby Farms to ride horses.  We had so much fun!!!!

Photobomb by Elia!