Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter 2015

This was a wonderful Easter!  I feel so blessed to have a wonderful husband and 2 beautiful girls who are growing up so fast!

We started Easter weekend at the Carter's house.  We decided to dye Easter eggs.

Of course, the bunny still came Sunday morning!  And of course, he brought Miley an Easter toy too!

Then it was time for church!

Sunday night we made Easter pasta!  So fun!

Happy Easter!!!

March 2015

The month of March brought a trip to Gatlinburg and lots of soccer!

We left for Gatlinburg on the Friday of spring break.  I got a little head massage on the way up.  HA!

We loved our cabin in the woods!

We slept in Saturday and went for breakfast at a pancake place.  YUM!

Then we went to Wonder Works!  It was so cool!

Ava had to do the rock wall.

 Elia had fun playing some of the games!

Ava rode the space ride that went upside down!

We played with bubbles!

This picture cracks me up.  My brain waves are pretty dead.  Ava's go all the way up.  LOL!

Then the girls had to play games.  They hit the jackpot with some of the games.

Saturday night we went to the Dixie Stampede!

Sunday morning Ava and I rode the Alpine Coaster.  So fun!

Sunday afternoon we ate lunch at Dick's Last Resort.  It is definitely a different but fun place to eat!

Elia was not happy with me taking this picture.

I love what the waitress did to Ava's hair!  So fun!

We also went to the aquarium!  It was amazing!

Then we rode go-carts!  Ava is finally tall enough to ride and drive alone!

Sunday night the girls played Bean Boozled.  It was hilarious watching them play!

Gatlinburg is a beautiful and fun place to visit!

 We spent the rest of spring break hanging out at home.  Poor Kevin had to go back to work.  Ava loved hitting golf balls with Papa.

March also brought lots and lots of soccer!

Ava started playing soccer this season.  She had a great first game and scored within the first two minutes of the game.  She is a very aggressive player!

We spent several games sitting in the freezing cold.  We even had snow one day!!!

The girls placed 2nd in the GIT tournament and won a medal!  They were pretty excited!

March was a very busy month, and this is only the beginning of soccer season.  However, I love every minute of it!