Sunday, September 13, 2015

July, August, September

The weeks since the middle of summer have been more than busy!  I took these pictures in Arlington on the way to pick up Elia from a friend's house.  

Kellie, Mandy, and I took our annual mom trip to Pickwick on July 18.  This was also the same day our house was listed and SOLD!

We felt all of our 40 years when we tried to tube this year.  The 30 minutes it took to climb on the tube was not worth the 3 minutes we were able to hang on.  HA!

These two sure do love each other!

Despite the fact that we had just 4 weeks to pack and move, Kevin and I took a 20th anniversary trip over a long weekend to Gulf Shores.

This was taken at Lulu's.  I was actually very sick in this picture but I was trying so hard to make myself think I was ok.  This trip turned out to be a disaster and not much fun since I got so sick.

I ended up having to go to the ER 2 days after we got home due to dehydration.  Poor Kevin had to pack half the house on his own.

After spending a week in bed sick, I had to go back to work for teacher inservice.  I ended the week with some of my favorite girls from my class last year!  We had a great time at Sonic!

My cousins had a party for my Aunt Nancy who just retired!  Congrats Nancy!

Then all of a sudden, it was the 1st day of school!  Ava is in 5th grade this year!

Elia is in 7th grade!  We were not able to do our "stop sign picture" this year because it was pouring down rain.

Here is Ava with her homeroom teacher, Mr. Stanko.  She is so excited to be in his class this year!

The Wednesday of the 1st week of school was our walk through of our new house!  I was able to take these pictures of our beautiful backyard.

Then it was moving day!  This was definitely a bittersweet day for sure!

When the girls got home from school, that first day in our new house, they jumped right in the pool!

That night Jason, Amy, and their crew came over and brought pizza.  Their kids jumped in the pool as well!

Poor Miley was so confused!

The next day Carol came over.  I was so tired and I could barely move.  I sat on the couch and Carol decorated my shelves for me.  Such a good friend!

These 3 had to check out the hot tub even though it was 95 degrees outside.  HA!

The next week soccer cranked up, and Ava had a tournament in Jackson.

This time it was Elia's turn to tag along.

Ava's team did great, and Ava scored!

The next weekend Carol came over so we could have some "mommy time" in the pool.

Ava loved to flip everyone out with her double jointed legs.

Ava had her first real game at Mike Rose.

That night Ava and I got in the hot tub to relax.

The next weekend was the 3v3 tournament in Arlington.  Ava had 4 games that day, and Elia had 6.  It was an exhausting day for sure!

Another picture of Elia with her buddy.

I love that Ava is picking up books on her own now to read.

We are trying to enjoy the pool every second we can before it gets too cool to swim!

Next summer, you can find Carol and me on this sun shelf in our lounge chairs every day!

These 2 ate some watermelon after swimming.
(Can you tell we are hanging on to every last drop of summer?)

And another!

Nana and Papaw came over to see the house.  Miley thinks they came to see her.

We were out of school for Labor Day so we took the girls and their friends to the fair.

And one last picture of my fur baby!