Saturday, July 28, 2012

Week 9- Turn Out the Lights, The Party's Over!

Well, the time has come for me to post about our last week of summer!  I guess all good things must come to an end.  During this last week of summer, Carol had to go to Washington to help her dad who was having surgery.  I was very sad to see her go during our last week, but I understood it was something she needed to do.  Here is a recap of our last week:

Jason, Kevin, Holli, and I took Elia, Austin, Ava, and Jake to see their Nana and Pepaw.  Nana made cookies and had ice cream for the kids.  They loved it!  I just hate I didn't get a picture of Nana and Pepaw with all the grandkids!

Since Carol was out of town, we offered to take her kids for the night so they could go to Wild River Country with us the next day.  Ava and Cami loved playing with dolls.

Elia and Dalton had fun playing with the Wii.  They all managed to go to bed at a decent hour despite their excitement of the water park the next day.

We woke up around 6am and hit the road at 7am to head to Little Rock.  We had such a great time.  There were several teachers and their kids as well as several AES parents and their kids.  Once again, we didn't get a picture of everyone.  In fact, I only managed to get 3 pictures that day.  Carol will be happy to know that I was more focused on watching her kids than taking pictures.  LOL! Here are the 4 kiddos waiting for lunch.

Here is a picture of Dalton and Cami that I texted to Carol so she could see her sweet babies while she was in Washington.

We stopped for dinner at the nastiest McDonald's that side of the Mississippi River.  It smelled like Stinky Feet, and it was dirty and just gross.  We managed to get the kids fed though and back on the road. 

We took this day to rest.  Kevin and I met with Pastor Brian at Faith about getting a mission trip going to Guatemala.  It looks like we are headed there the last week in June next summer!

Kevin continued to work on our backyard project with his dad.  It is really coming along!  I can't wait to reveal the final project!  We also went to the Arlington Community Cookout.  It was a lot of fun, and I was amazed at how the community all came together!  I wouldn't want to live anywhere but Arlington!

Kevin and his dad were working on the backyard so I took the girls to Michelle's pool for about 2 hours.  It was cloudy but they didn't mind.  
Here is Elia with sweet Lily.

And Ava with Lily (I love Elia's face in the background.)

I also cleaned out the garage.  I used my label maker and painter's tape to mark off areas so the kids know where to park all the toys. 

Kevin and I celebrated our anniversary by going to the Olive Garden.  It's hard to believe we have been married 17 years!!!  I love him more and more every day!

Carol watched our girls while we went to dinner.  She managed to get this cute picture of Elia in the water slide.

It is sad to know I am writing my last summer post!  However, we had so much fun each and every day!  Here is recap of the things we managed to do during the past 9 weeks:

* carnival
* bowling
* Wild River Country water park (3 times)
* children's museum in Little Rock
* Incredible Pizza
* garage sale
* Smores
* library
* Jerry's Snowcones
* movies
* swimming at Germantown pool, neighbor's pool, and cousin's pool
* waterslide in yard
* pedicures and manicures
* Chuck E Cheese
* skating
* Dalton's baseball games
* Music on the Square
* fishing
* fireworks
* Putt-Putt
* Ripley Water Park
* visit with both Nanas
* new haircuts
* new contacts
* day trip to Pickwick
* cleaned out closets and garage
* Of course, played in the cove just about every night

Looking at this list, we really can't complain that it's time to go back to work.  We are truly spoiled with 9 weeks of fun!  It is always bittersweet when the summer comes to an end and a new school year begins.  We are always sad to leave summer behind, but there are always new adventures awaiting us when school starts back.  We have the excitement and anticipation of a new classroom as well as a new school year for our own children.  It is hard to believe I have one going into 2nd grade and one going into 4th.  I look forward to seeing what this new school year brings!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Week 8- More Summer Fun! Yahoo!

The summer is winding down, but we are still soaking in every minute of fun we can before school starts!  This week was VERY busy, but also VERY fun!

Kevin went out of town this week for a conference for school.  I absolutely hate it when he goes out of town because I feel so lost without him.  Miley also feels lost when Kevin is gone.  This was her the day he left.

We stayed busy with VBS this week.  Carol and I took the kids from 9-12 every day, and then we headed to school to work in our rooms.  It was nice having that time to get things done.  The kids had a ton of fun at Faith Arlington's VBS!

The kids raised enough money that Pastor Brian lost his bet and had to shave his head!!!

We hit McDonald's a couple days this week after VBS!

We also played in the cove every night this week.  It has been so hot that the kids had to find creative ways to stay cool!

Monica brought Katey over one night and the kids had fun playing a game of baseball.

Carol and I got brave one night and let the kids ride their bikes around the block all alone.  This was a big step for them, but an even bigger step for us!  Cami and Ava packed their backpacks with water bottles and walkie talkies like they were going on a real adventure.  Here they are riding away: (sniff, sniff-They are growing up way too fast.)

When they got back, they had many stories to tell.  According to Dalton, they found a haunted house in "downtown Summer Meadows".  They were pretty animated and funny telling us all about it.

Once we picked the kids up from VBS, we headed to the Germantown pool!  We also found a new yogurt place called Menchie's!  It is the BEST!!!!

After VBS, we swam at Michelle's pool!  The kids love her diving board!

Ava looked so funny in these goggles.

They always have fun throwing the ball to each other as they jump off the diving board.

Cami, Ava, and Lily stopped playing to take a little rest.

This is a really cool picture of Elia playing in the pool!  The girl has some serious leg muscles!

Miley knows how to keep cool!

After VBS, I took the girls to meet Grammy and Papa at Cracker Barrel for lunch.  Then we went to Walmart to get a new bike for Ava.  She has outgrown her old one.

We did VBS and the Germantown pool.  We also had to visit Menchie's again!  YUM!!!

Kevin got home from his trip shortly after we got home.  He brought the girls a new soccer goal.  I think Kevin is taking this whole competitive soccer thing a little far.  

The kids went to their last day of VBS.  While they were at VBS, Carol and I voted!  The kids, and even Miley, say "YES" to Arlington schools.

Then we came home and went swimming at the neighbor's house.  Elia and Dalton had fun trying to "surf".

All the kids had fun playing on the rafts.  

That was until a wasp came along and they all flipped out trying to get under the water.  It was pretty funny!

Now that Kevin is back in town, he can continue working on his summer project!  The end project will be revealed soon!

One more week left of summer fun!