Saturday, May 17, 2014

Ashley's Wedding

Last weekend I went to the most beautiful wedding I have ever been to.  My cousin, Ashley, married Jonathan in Arizona.  It was definitely a trip I will never forget (in more ways than one.)

My mom, dad, brother, and I all left Arlington around 7:45 on Thursday morning and headed to the Memphis airport.  My mom made these cards for Jason and me.  It cracked us up because it felt like we were 10 all over again.  

About 45 minutes before we were to board the plane, I popped a valium into my mouth.  (I HATE TO FLY!)  It was literally 2 seconds later that we learned our flight to Dallas was cancelled.  We joined the very long line at the ticket counter to determine what to do next.  About an hour later we booked a flight to Chicago, then to Phoenix, then to Tucson.  So we had a few hours to wait until our flight to Chicago left so we headed to the gate.  There we learned the flight was delayed which meant we would never make our connecting flight to Phoenix.  We were able to switch our flight straight to Tucson.  The flight was much later in the night but it was our only option.  We finally made it to Chicago which was strange because we were farther away from Tucson than when we started.  Our plane was supposed to leave at 8pm to Tucson.  Then we learned it was delayed until 9pm.  Then it was delayed until 9:35.  I was in a gift shop in the airport where I saw this fun sand.  Check out my creation!  (We were a little over the edge at this point.)

Of course Jason was being a big goober!

Here is a selfie of the family about to finally board our plane to Tucson.  It was almost 10pm at this point. 

We thought there was no way our luggage would make it considering we had to switch airlines and flights so many times throughout the day.  Much to our surprise our luggage had been pulled and was sitting in a nice little area waiting for us.  Things were definitely looking up.

We finally made it to the house at 3am  (19 hours later).  Within 30 seconds of being there, my dad got violently ill.  We thought maybe it was just from all the traveling but it continued for the next day and a half.  It was terrible, but we were all so happy to finally be there!

We slept in Friday and all the girls headed to the nail salon.  Dad was still in bed very sick.  Jason and Uncle John went to some airplane museum.  My mom had her very first pedicure!

That night we had the rehearsal dinner!  Here is a picture of me and my aunt and then one of me and my aunt and mom on our way to the dinner.

Ashley showed me her ring bearer's pillow, her purse, and her bouquet for the wedding.  All of these things were made from our mom's wedding dress!  (Our moms wore the same dress on their wedding day.)  The bouquet also had a locket on it with Nana's picture.  So sweet!  We plan to pass the pillow and purse down to my girls when they get married and keep it in the family for years to come!

On Saturday all the girls in the wedding came over to the house to get ready so we fled the scene.  My dad was able to finally get out of bed and take a shower.  He and my mom went to lunch.  Jason and I went to Biosphere 2.  It was pretty cool.  Back in the 90's they created this "mini Earth" in a sphere-like dome to see if 4 men and 4 women could survive for 2 years.  They had to grow their own food and supply their own water and oxygen.

There were different habitats in the dome such as the rainforest, ocean, desert, etc.

I took a picture of this bee condo for Kevin.

By the time we got back to the house, the girls were almost finished getting ready for the big night!  Ashley made the most beautiful bride ever!!!

The setting for the wedding was simply breathtaking!!!!

The scenery made for some great pictures!

At 5:30 it was time for the wedding to begin!  It was amazing!  Everything was simply perfect!!!!  My favorite thing was the sand in place of the unity candle!  So unique and special!

The reception was just as beautiful and perfect as the wedding!

At 11:00, it was time to say good-bye to the bride and groom.  In place of rice or bubbles, we all held sparklers!  Loved it!

There was a brunch at the house Sunday morning. It was SO nice!  We got to say bye to the happy couple before they headed to Thailand and before we headed back to Arlington.

Thankfully, we had a very smooth flight to Dallas and on to Memphis and everything was on time.  My mom was super excited when we ran into Penny Hardaway at the Dallas airport.  He was on our plane but sat in first class of course.

And one last picture of me and how I travel.  Lots of valium!  Not sure why I look so angry.  I think my body just knows how much I hate to fly even when passed out.  HA!