Friday, February 20, 2015

February 2015

Kevin and I finally got to have a date night this month!  We ate at Olive Garden and saw the Lion King.  It was amazing!!!

I have had some quality girl and Miley time this month thanks to 4 snow days!

Ava loved sledding on the ice.  Elia was "too cool" for sledding.  So sad!

I say you are never too old for sledding.

Even Miley got in on the fun!

By the 4th snow day, I think Miley and the girls were getting bored.  We did get out for about 2 minutes but it's just too cold.

Even our pool is a solid chunk of ice!

On day 4, Ava made us pancakes for breakfast!  She did a fabulous job!

Is it spring yet???

January 2015

January was a sad month for us.  Our sweet Nana went to be with her Heavenly Father.  We will miss her but we know she is at peace now.

Of course, we cannot have a blog without having Miley a part of it.

Miley loves attention and she did not like it when I was catching up on all the episodes of Scandal.

She finally decided to just join me.

Granddaddy built Ava an American Girl treehouse.  She loves it!

He also built her a table for her new tea set.

She may not be too old for tea parties yet but she decided she was too old for her Lovey!  So sad!

While Kevin and I visited Nana in the hospital, Carol took the girls with her for the afternoon.  The girls had a blast!

This picture was hanging in the waiting room at the hospital.

It was so good to see my cousin, Ashley, even under the sad circumstances.

LOVE this picture of my mom writing the obituary for my Nana, and my dad falling asleep from pure exhaustion.

My sweet girls all grown up.

We were on our way to the burial for Nana.

Ava got glasses!

We ate dinner for Carol's birthday at Sling Shot Charlie's.  YUM!

January was a tough month but still filled with lots of memories.