Sunday, November 29, 2015

September, October, November

This September was a HUGE milestone for me!  I turned the BIG 4-0!  I had some family and friends who made sure this day did not go unnoticed.  My friends and parents at school went all out with the decorations at school!

Kevin threw a BIG surprise party for me!  We had been at soccer all day in the rain.  I looked awful and couldn't believe all the people in my house when we got home!  I was truly overwhelmed!

For Elia's 13th birthday we took her to the Ole Miss/Memphis game.  Poor Elia had to hang her head at the end of the game when Memphis came away with the win!

October brought another exciting celebration: KK's wedding!!!!  Her wedding was absolutely gorgeous, and everything looked like it came straight off the pages of Pinterest.  I wish I had taken more pictures to capture how pretty everything was at her wedding.

Of course, October also brought Halloween.  Elia is just about too old for trick-or-treating but she still likes getting all the candy.  She decided to settle for this easy and cheap mask.  Ava was a sheriff.  

Jason was a gorilla.  After all these years, he still knows how to sneak up on me and scare the living daylights out of me.

The girls had fun carving pumpkins!

Halloween was a success!

Our cardinal friend continues to visit us almost every day.  He pecks at the window with his beak.

Of course, we always have soccer!

And a fun dinner with friends!

Ava went to Rebecca's birthday party!  She had a great time painting!

We put up the tree very early this year.  If I am going to all the trouble to put it up, I want to have a lot of time to enjoy it!

This picture totally cracks me up!  The girls were taking all our Hallmark ornaments out of the boxes so we could hang them on the tree.  The left side is Elia's side.  Notice how nice and neat the boxes are stacked with the ornaments in nice neat rows.  The right side is Ava's.  Notice all the boxes on the floor and all the ornaments all over the table.  HA!  That is so them!

After we put up the tree, we played a few rounds of a game.

We celebrated Ava's 11th birthday!  We had a family dinner at Texas Roadhouse!

Then more soccer!

The last tournament in November was absolutely freezing!  My sleeping bag was my most prized possession as I sat through 9 soccer games in 4 freezing cold days!

The town of Arlington had their 1st Christmas on the Square.  It truly was a magical night and was just the thing to put everyone in the Christmas spirit!

Elia had me french braid her hair.  She slept in it and woke up with some gorgeous waves.  The kid has some incredible hair!

Over Thanksgiving break, I took the girls to Paint-a-Piece where we had fun painting pottery.  I painted an ornament for Miley.  Elia painted "Hotty Toddy" on a coffee mug, and Ava painted a pig.  It was so much fun!

Kevin put lights on the house!  We are excited to celebrate Christmas in our new house this year!

Of course, no blog is complete without pictures of our fur baby.