Sunday, January 1, 2017

December 2016

December was a very busy month filled with lots of fun!
It started with the Arlington Christmas parade.  The day was cold and rainy, but we made the most of it and had a good time.

After the parade, I got to have dinner with some very long time friends!  Karen and her mom, Sue, were in town so we got together with my mom and Kellie and Teresa.  We were at the restaurant for about 4 hours, and we had so much fun!

Our principal, Anna Jones, had us all over to her house for Christmas bunco.  We had a blast!

1st grade came out as winners!

Ava had her picture taken with her saxophone.

We went to the Singing Christmas Tree at Bellevue.

Ava had her band concert.

The 1st and 2nd grade teachers got together for a Christmas party.  We had so much fun!

Carol and I bought sleds for the kids.  We are 100% positive we are not going to have any snow days this year.

We had the Reed Family Christmas at our house.  It was so much fun!

We played games!

Kevin took a few days off, and we had the 1st annual Carter Christmas Family Fun Day!

We started at Staks pancakes.  The peppermint pancakes were so good!

We went to Hallmark and picked out our ornaments.  Can you guess who picked what?

We attended the candlelight service at church.

We checked out the new IKEA store.

We saw the movie Collateral Beauty.  We plan to make this day a yearly tradition.

We went to the Carter's to celebrate Kaitlyn's birthday and Christmas.

On Christmas Eve morning, we went to Waffle House to visit Ms. Wanda.

We had to take Miley's yearly picture by the tree.

We let the girls open 1 present on Christmas Eve.  Ava got a gumball machine and Elia got some Christmas pajamas.

We went to Grammy and Papa's house for Christmas.


They taught Grammy how to DAB!

We made Papa open his Jelly Bellies so we could all dive in!

Austin read the Christmas story from the bible.

The kids got ready to play a game Grammy and Papa put together.

Santa came!

Ava got very little sleep the night before so we was so tired.

Elia finally woke up to see what Santa brought.

Santa brought Miley a new bed!

Here's to 2017!!!!