Thursday, June 28, 2012

Week 5- Week Full of Swimming

Week 5 of the summer was a wet one for sure!  We spent 7 out of 8 days in the water!!  Of course, with temperatures hitting 100 and above over the next week, I am sure we will be spending many more days at the pool!  Here is a recap of our wet and wild week!

We went swimming at the Germantown Athletic Club.

We went swimming at the next door neighbor's house.  They have a nice above ground pool, and they were nice to let us use it for the day while they were out of town.  Katey and Monica came over and joined Carol and me and our kiddos.  The kids had a blast!

We went to see the movie Brave, and then we came home and played on the waterslide.  I am not sure how I managed this, but I only got one picture this day and it was of Miley.  She was chilling on the back patio while the kids played on the slide.

Kevin and I took the girls swimming at Michelle's house.  They enjoyed jumping off the diving board.

They also loved it when Kevin threw the ball to them and they would try to jump off the diving board and catch it.

Even the doggies had to jump in the pool to cool off.

We went back to Michelle's pool, but we brought Carol and her kids with this time.
I LOVE this picture of the 4 kiddos.  It shows how much we love our summer time!

Miley even caught some rays!

This was our big trip to Wild River Country.  Monica and her kids met in the cove at 7am.  YAWN!  Then we met my brother and his kids along with Hizer, Shackelford, Mashburn and their kids at the water park.  Here are the girlies just before we pulled out of the driveway.  (You will notice pictures of quite the opposite on the ride home.)

We got there a little before 10 am!  
Let the fun begin!!!

Here comes Ava down the slide!

And Elia!

And Hannah!

And Jason!

And Katey!

Of course, the kids LOVED the wave pool!

Here they come!

And there they go!

The mommas enjoyed sitting in the beach entry wave pool.  Of course, I wouldn't dare take pictures of us in our bathing suits.  HA!

The "blue slide" ended up being a favorite!  Here they come!

Here comes Ava down the blue slide.

Elia, Ava, and Cami trying to decide if they want to go down the blue slide for the 100th time.

Ava and Cami loved a slide called the Sidewinder.  Elia told us it was because they thought the lifeguard was cute.  Ava even walked up to the lifeguard and said "So, what should I call you?"  (Hoping my friends are still praying for me with this one.  I definitely have my hands full.)

We stayed at the water park until about 6:30.  We stopped at Burger King on our way out of Little Rock.  I had watched the Dr. Oz show the day before and discovered that Burger King has a really good veggie burger.  It was actually full of flavor and much better than eating a cow any day!

The kids were still wired up and having fun at dinner.

Of course, Ava is all smiles any time she is next to a boy.

The ride home was a lot different than the ride there.  After 8 hours in the water and sun and full bellies, we had some very tired kids in the van.  
Here is Ava on the way home!

And Katey!

And Elia!

And Cami (WIDE AWAKE-complete with crown and all!)

Cami finally gave in and fell asleep when we were about 5 minutes from home.  She was just having too much fun to sleep!

We took the girls to get their hair cut today.  It was not a drastic cut but they sure needed some cleaning up to their chlorine soaked hair.  Here is their before:

Ava's after picture:

Elia's after picture:

Definitely a big improvement!

I met Carol at Safety Nail to get our nails done.  It is always so nice having one hour all to ourselves every couple of weeks!  Carol finally gave in and got hot pink.  I went with bright orange!  I LOVE those bright summer colors!

Tomorrow we are heading to the pool again to soak up more rays!  We are also trying to soak up all the fun we can in the time we left of our summer!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Week 4- And the Fun Just Keeps on Coming

I am loving that it is still June and we are still in the middle of our summer!  I do NOT like when July hits.  That's when the stores start pulling out the school supplies!  UGH!  We will definitely discuss that another week.  Let's focus on the fun for now while it's still here!!!

Here is what week 4 of summer brought for us!!!

Our family met at Sonic to celebrate Father's Day.  We enjoyed sitting outside while we ate dinner and gave our gifts to my dad for being such a wonderful father all these years!

After Sonic, we all headed to Music on the Square.  It was country music night and the band was really good!  As we arrived, we saw a beautiful rainbow in the sky.  We are not sure where it came from because it hasn't rained a drop in more than a week, but it sure was a pretty way to start the night.

We went to church Sunday morning.  Then we took Kevin to Mezcal and Yogurt Mountain to celebrate Father's Day with him.

Ava and Cami went to VBS with Sadie-Beth, a friend from school.

Here is a precious picture Ava drew when she got home from VBS:

Dalton and Elia stayed home and played on the waterslide.

We also picked up Monica's dog so we could dog sit while they went to Disney World.  We love Ginger, and we LOVE keeping her while her family is away!

Carol and I headed to Bootcamp at 6:30 am.  Whew!  Did we get a workout!  My arms hurt to even hold them up to wash my hair.  No pain, no gain right?

After a good rest, we headed to the pool where the kids had fun with friends.

Then Cami came home with us and Kevin fixed the girls bacon and eggs for dinner.  Then the little girls went to VBS with Sadie-Beth.

Elia went with Dalton to a friend's house.  They live on the lake in Lakeland, and Elia had a ball!!

KK came down and we headed back to the pool where we met Mandy and other friends!

Once again, we woke bright and early to head to boot camp.  
Then Kevin and I decided to have a family day.  We took the girls to Putt-Putt where they played video games.

We played a round of mini golf.

The girls hit balls in the batting cages.

And they took a spin on the bumper boats.

It was SO hot so we decided to end our day with Jerry's Snowcones!  YUM!

Thursday is definitely going to be a rest day!  We plan on sleeping in very late and staying in our pajamas most of the day!  We are worn out!!!

Of course, the girls have slept in almost every day this summer.  I love this picture of them and the 2 dogs.  Miley is on the bed sound asleep with Ava and Ginger is sound asleep on the trundle bed with Elia.  Too much fun for everyone including the dogs!!!

Some of you may be wondering what Kevin is doing while we are at the pool each day.  Well, he has started another backyard project.  I will leave you with these pictures so you can see the start of his project.  Any guesses about what it could be???