Saturday, November 17, 2012

Ava's 8th Birthday

It is hard to believe that my youngest daughter turned 8 years old today!!!  I remember bringing her home from Guatemala and getting off the plane with that little sack of sugar.  No one in our family, waiting for us, could see her because she was so tiny.  She weighed just 8 pounds at 4 months old! 

Here is my big 8 year old today!

She had to have a cake with an electric guitar.  Luckily, we found one at Kroger.

Ava had her party at Putt-Putt which was a lot of fun.  The kids got to play 4 games of Laser Tag, eat pizza, cake, and ice cream, and play games in the arcade.

Ava was SO ready to open her presents.

Thankfully, she used her manners and read her cards first.

Once the presents were opened, Ava hit the ropes course.  This kid truly has no fear!

Then everyone hit the arcade.

Once all that was over, it was time to spend those tickets.  Dalton was the funniest because he took a while to pick his prizes.  Check out the intensity in his face.

Ava opened her presents from us at home.  She was most excited about her ripstick!

We let the girls pick where they want to eat dinner on their birthday.  Ava chose Mexcal.  Of course, she won a stuffed animal on the crane machine.  I honestly have no idea how she wins EVERY time she plays that game!

Then the waiters sang Happy Birthday to her and gave her a free dessert!  The kid was on cloud 9-attention on her and free dessert!

Happy Birthday Sweet Ava!  You are a blessing to us every day!  We love you!


I have not blogged in forever so I have some very random pictures to post.  First of all, one of the most exciting days of the entire year is coming up-BLACK FRIDAY!  Our BF team is getting ready!  We have our t-shirts getting made.

We have the MVP trophy ready to go!  Qua won MVP for 2011.  She is bound and determined to win for 2012!

Of course, we have to include pictures of our 3rd child, Miley.  She got into Ava's spaghetti O's the other night.

She did get cleaned up, complete with a new, pink hair bow!

She is one spoiled dog!

Speaking of dogs, we kept Mrs. Gallimore's dog, Ginger while they went out of town.  Ava loves Ginger!

I had to include this cute picture of Ava going to her last soccer game of the season.

I also had to include this picture of the back of my van.

Those of you who know me, know how much I LOVE being a minivan mom with the soccer ball on the back of my car.  Well, Kevin bought me the stick people family.  Now the momma minivan is complete!

Bieber Fever!

The girls got tickets to see Justin Bieber in concert!  This was their first concert so they were very excited!  I was excited too because I think the last concert I went to was New Kids on the Block.  HA!
As soon as they got home from school they changed into their Bieber shirts.  Then we headed out!

We met Abigail and Michael in front of the forum.

We also met up with some other Arlington moms and kids!

We ate dinner at the Flying Fish where we met one of Bieber's prop workers.  She said she was the one who had to clean up his throw up.  We tried to get back stage passes but no luck.

As we were walking to the Fed Ex Forum we came across this Justin Bieber impersonator.  He was so cute and so sweet to pose with a picture with all our girls.  

Here are the three girls just inside the Fed Ex Forum! 

Our seats were pretty much in the nosebleed section but we still have a ton of fun!

This was Ava on the way home:  (Elia was still going strong!)

And this was both girls the next morning when I had to wake them up for school.  

I think they had a little too much fun!!!