Saturday, February 16, 2013

February Theme Dinner

Two years ago, I prepared a monthly theme dinner for Kevin and the girls.  I didn't keep the tradition going last year because, honestly, I ran out of monthly ideas.  However, the girls loved it so much that I thought I would do them again this year.  Hopefully, with the help of pinterest, I can come up with some creative dinners.

February is an easy one because obviously there is Valentine's Day.  I do have so much fun buying the decorations for the dinner.

I managed to find these really cute, heart shaped, cheese ravioli at Sam's.  The girls LOVED them!

For dessert, I bought chocolate covered strawberries!  YUM!

The girls LOVED the dessert even more than the ravioli's!  Imagine that!

Stay tuned for March's theme dinner!  It will be lots of fun!!

Smores and Soccer

I have hardly had any time to blog this year.  Things have been so busy!  With school and soccer back in full swing, our lives are pretty busy.
We did manage to have some fun a couple weekends ago when we had Elia's friend, Jacey, over to play.  We ordered pizza.

We also made smores out by the fire pit.

The kids had fun telling scary ghost stories.

Ava brought her guitar out and serenaded us.  She is too funny!

Miley was so scared of the fire.  She wouldn't even look at it or get near it so I had to love on her.

Speaking of Miley, she and Elia are truly best buddies!!!  

We had our 3v3 soccer tournament today.  It was absolutely freezing!  The temps stayed in the 30's all day and we even had some snow for a little while.  Talk about COLD!

I'm not sure how much of Elia's games Ava actually watched.

I did manage to get a couple of pictures of the girls playing soccer.  It was too cold to take pictures because that involved taking my gloves off!  

We were outside from 7am until 1:30 am in the freezing cold!  I could definitely never live up north!  If the school system doesn't get things worked out, we may have to move to Florida!  HA!  

My favorite moment of the day was on our ride home when we saw this cardinal waiting for us as we pulled into the cove.  God knows just when to send one of his "God winks" down to us!