Thursday, October 9, 2014

Fall Break

We decided to get away this fall break and go to Branson.  Kevin's parents have a time share there so we were able to stay at their place.  We left early Saturday morning.  

We got to Silver Dollar City that afternoon and stayed there the rest of the day as well as Sunday.

Ava wasted no time riding the upside down roller coaster.

Then she decided she needed dippin dots to celebrate.  HA!

We rode some other rides and enjoyed the day.

We also toured the cave underneath Silver Dollar City.  

We had fun exploring "Grandfather's Mansion" where everything was tilted.  These pictures are pretty cool because we are actually standing straight up in these pictures.

The girls got to make a wax mold of their hand.  Ava chose superman with glitter.  Only Ava!

We watched a magic show and Ava got pulled up on stage to be in one of the acts.  She loved it!

After the show, the magician told the story of salvation using a deck of cards.  It was pretty cool.  I had never seen anything like it!
Then we headed to our condo which was super nice!!!

Ava's favorite part of the condo was the closet in the master bedroom.  She wanted it to be her bed.  HA!

The resort had an 18 hole mini golf course.  It was a lot of fun!

On Monday we went zip lining.  It was truly the highlight of the trip for me.  It was SO much fun!

Then we went shopping at the outlet mall.  After shopping we decided to tour the wax museum.  It was pretty creepy.  I know the figures were wax but they looked SO real!  

That night we saw an Acrobat show.  It was pretty cool!  

On Tuesday we slept in late and went shopping at Branson Landing.  

Then we rode the ducks.  

Ava got to drive the boat once it went in the water.

After the duck ride, we ate dinner and saw the show, Jonah.  It was amazing!  We were not allowed to take any pictures, but it was truly the most incredible show I have ever seen!

We had to make the sad drive back home Wednesday morning.  Even though we were sad to leave vacation, we were excited to get home and see Miley.  She is all settled in now that we are home!