Saturday, June 20, 2015

Summer- Week 3 and 4

Week 3 of summer started off with Ava going to golf camp.  She loves hitting golf balls like her Papa!

Tuesday afternoon Carol and I took the kids to Jumping World.  They just about had the whole place to themselves.

They had fun doing flips into the pit.

But their favorite is dodge ball!

The rest of the week brought more golf camp for Ava.  She hit the ball better than some of the boys there.

Not all was fun and games this week.  I had to take the girls to the doctor.  Elia had to get shots, and Ava thought she was going to have to get her finger pricked.  She acted like a 2 year old.  You can see Elia laughing at her in the mirror.  HA!

Then we had to take Miley to the vet for her check up.  She was better behaved than Ava!

We were so happy to have Gail come visit for a couple of days!  Love you Aunt Gail!

At the end of week 3, Ava left for the beach with the Bertling family.  She was so excited!!!!

Since Ava was on her way to the beach, I treated Elia to a pedicure!  She really enjoyed it!

Then Cami and Elia did some swimming!

Of course, we have to have some Miley pics!

It has been nice keeping up with Ava on Facebook!  Looks like they are loving the beach!

 During week 4, I took Elia to see Jurassic World.  Great movie!  Then we did a little shopping with Grammy which was a lot of fun!
On Wednesday, my mom and dad had Jason and Amy's kids for the day so we took them to Sky Zone.

More dodgeball!

Elia making hoops!!!

When we got home, Dalton had bought some water balloons so the kids had a fun water balloon fight!

Ava was so excited to FaceTime me one night this week to show me the "tattoo" she got in Florida.  I can totally see this happening in about 8 years except it will be a real one!  Lord, help me!

Apparently, Ava spotted a shark in the water.  Only Carly was brave enough to hold it.  YIKES!

 We also went swimming at the end of this week.  It was a lot of fun but things are just not the same without Ava here.  One more day and she will be home along with her messy room and lots of laundry.  HA!  Can't wait to see her!!!

Hoping week 5 brings lot of sun and fun!!!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Summer-Week 2

The weather has finally warmed up where it feels like summer!  We started the week off with Carol and her kids and me and my kids meeting Jason and his kids at the park.  Then we met my parents at Yogurt Mountain.

Later in the week Carol and I took our kids to Mrs. Kershbaum's house.  She lives on a beautiful lake with lots of fun things to do!

Ava and Cami loved the paddle boats!

Dalton and Elia loved the fishing!

Mrs. Kershbaum was so sweet to let us come out and play!

I think Dalton and Elia could have stayed well into the night and fished!

Carol and I took a spin on the paddle boat!

Then Ava and I went out.

And Carol and Cami!

Then the girls found the kayak.  

More fishing!  

Elia and Dalton decided to try out the paddle boat and fish in the middle of the lake.  These two definitely have the patience to fish.  Cami and Ava-not so much!

We also made s'mores before we left.  Check out this view from her backyard!  Beautiful!

To end the week, we made a trip to Redneck Island.  Jason and his family and me and my family rented a boat, skis, and a tube.  I truly think the kids had the most fun they have ever had!

Ava and Austin about to tube!

Elia and Eli about to tube!

Of course, Jason got up on the skis on his first try!

The kids loved jumping off the side of the boat into the lake.

Ava and Dilyn about to tube!

I decided to give it a try with Elia.

I told Elia to count to 3 and we would jump off the tube.  Notice what happened when we got to 3!  HA!

Austin, Diylan, and Ava tubing!

This was the beach area at Redneck Island.  We didn't have time to play here, but we plan to go back soon.

The 3 girls tubing together!

Poor Ryan had a bad tummy ache on the boat.

This was me trying to get up on the skis.  It has been 10 years since I skied.

And WIPE OUT!!!!

Love these pictures of the kids jumping off the boat.  Pure joy!!!

We did not make it out of the parking lot before these 2 looked like this:
(Definitely the sign of a successful day!)

Now on to week 3 for more summer fun!!!