Saturday, July 26, 2014

Summer- Last Week

It is sad to say this was our last week of summer.  However, it has been a great summer, and we had tons of fun.  We tried to really live it up and soak it in this last week.

On Monday, Jason and I took Elia, Ava, Austin, Jake, and Eli to Wild River Country.

They had fun going down the slides!!!

They also had fun trying to be the next America Ninja Warrior!

Their favorite part was playing ball in the wave pool.

Then we made the drive back home where all the kids got "plugged in".

That night Ava and I had fun playing with a new app she found.

On Tuesday, the boys came over to hang out with us.  We went to Taco Bell for lunch.

On Wednesday, I took the girls shopping for back to school clothes.  Grammy came with us, and we had a great day!  We shopped, ate lunch at Chilis, and shopped some more!  That night, Ava decided to play with my hair.  HA!

On Thursday, we cleaned house.  Then we left for a short trip to Nashville on Friday.  We started the weekend at Dave and Busters where the girls played lots of games.

Then we ate dinner at the Rain Forest Cafe.

As we were walking in our hotel, Ava was a happy girl.  This kids loves nothing more than stuffed animals and candy.  She won the candy and unicorn at Dave and Busters.

On Saturday morning, we went to Dunkin Donuts for breakfast.  I can never find my name on the Coke bottles but we did find one for my cousin, Ashley.  (Excuse Ava's hair.  I don't think she brushed it and we were on our way to the water park so it didn't really matter.)

After breakfast, we went to Nashville Shores.

It was SOOO crowded.  We were able to ride some of the slides before it got too crowded.  Then we headed to the Banana Boats.  They were the most fun.  Ava and I rode them first.  Then Elia and Kevin saw how much fun we had so they decided to ride too.

I figured this was going to be the only time this summer I was going to have my toes in the sand so I had to take a picture.

We ate lunch/dinner at Cracker Barrel and Ava snapped this selfie.  (Once again, excuse the lack of make-up and bad hair.)

When we got home, the girls went fishing with Abigail.  All 3 girls caught a fish.  Poor Ava's fish made it back into the water before they could get a picture.

Of course, we can't have a blog post without our furry baby, Miley.

It is so sad that our summer fun is over, but it is time to get back to the real world!